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Virowall is the UK's trusted wholesale exporter of global brands. We are a family business based in Manchester UK. Our valued experience has led us to expand in over 30 countries supplying favourite household products such as Nestle, Nescafe, Kellogg's. We have international sales presence in the Republic of Ireland, UAE, Spain and Singapore.

Our customer service demonstrates our brand's reliability. Our aim is to export an exceptional product range at competitive prices to businesses worldwide.

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We have a portfolio of over 1,000 British and international brands, from Cadbury's and Nestle to Kelloggs and McVitie's. We also have favourite international brands such as PepsiCo and Mondelez. We have extensive knowledge on all the brands we work with and are always one step ahead on promotions and new lines.

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We specialise in high-quality Pet Products.

Our family owned business and co-manufacturer places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality pet supplements to the European market. We have a team in-house experts, including PHD veterinarians, nutrition specialists, and tech-proficient professionals, who work together to ensure that we meet the highest standards. Our product line is certified to comply with strict regulations, including GMP, FDA, and ISO standards.


 We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and go above and beyond to exceed them. 

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Ordering Flexibility

Orders from across our different suppliers can be consolidated at our UK-based reprocessing warehouse, allowing you to maximise pallet fill and save on transport costs - therefore increasing your profit margin. We can even stack pallets to your specific requirements to maximise container fill.

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Compliance & Product Data

We assist with supplying information that enables you to meet the import requirements for your country. This includes helping you with export/import regulations and documentation such as Certificates of Origin and Certificate of Free Sale, registering goods, clearing customs and export procedures.

We can also provide ingredient lists, allergen and nutritional information to our customers for any relevant products.

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Supply Chain

With our multi-lingual customer service team, we are on hand to offer support and regular updates on your order and our logistics department will coordinate all transport for the delivery of your goods.

With extensive knowledge and experience in exporting to markets worldwide, we offer a first-class service which can’t be beaten.

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